Wedding Day Rules – Bridal Rules That Can be Broken

Finding the perfect wedding dress can be a challenge. The advantage is that he can propose his own rules, although there are some generally accepted guidelines for Art Nouveau styles. The decision about what you use and how you style everything depends on you. Allow yourself to be your own leader. Photographers of limitless weddings help you with almost everything. These are just a few of the rules that often fool young people who want to be free to choose wedding dresses, shoes and accessories. Do not be a slave to fashion and tradition, which still imposes some decisions.


1. The wedding dress should be long

Wedding dresses can be short, short dresses were popular in the 1950s, do not limit yourself to the long wedding dress. Long and short dresses are nice too. Many girls look much better with short dresses and can therefore highlight their attributes and look much more modern and elegant. Test before you make your final decision. You may like

2. The wedding dress has to be white

There is a wide selection on the color and look of the wedding dress. Although it is believed that the white wedding dress is what makes the bride distinctive, but you do not always blindly follow the tradition and the trends. Let your imagination run wild and see the beautiful selection of bridal gowns in color that are as beautiful and elegant as the white wedding dresses.

3. The wedding dress has to be solemn and elegant

Wedding dresses do not have to be exclusively elegant and glamorous. Simple dresses with interesting details and matching accessories can be incredible. If you are organizing a beach wedding, a simple wedding dress is perfect for the occasion.


4. The wedding dress must be new or leased from the wedding dresses salon

There is a constant thought that the wedding dress should be rented, but women rarely buy or tailor made dresses. These are some of the three options that brides should choose. Or you can wear the wedding dress of your mother or grandmother, if this is a tradition in your family. Of course you can perfect with the right fixes and jewelry. Retro and vintage are very popular nowadays.

5. The wedding dress must be unicolor

If you like colors and often wear clothes in bright colors, do not hesitate to make your wedding dress colorful and stylish. Choose something completely different.

6. Shoes must be white and classic

If you decide to wear a white wedding dress and add a little color to your style, colorful shoes are another option that will give you a great effect. Do not choose flat and beige shoes that nobody would notice at your luxurious wedding. The colored hoes will improve your combination.

7. You need to have a stylish look

Weddings are an elegant celebration, but that’s not always the case. They are the ones who decide whether the whole ceremony will be formal or whether you want something more relaxed. If you choose a less formal wedding, your style should also be less formal.

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