Wedding Candids – Key Factors That Every Photographer Keeps in Mind

Wedding has always been the special occasion in the life of every couple. It is worth to remember that nothing related to the wedding is going to exist for long. The wedding cake is going to be eaten, the flowers are going to die, but the wedding photos are the ones that will be there for life. The wedding shots are not the simple celluloid images but the thousand memories that are going to be the part for the rest of the life.

According to the best wedding photographers, focusing on the materialistic things on the wedding is never going to work. Instead, capturing the candid moments is going to be the priceless ones that carry the essence of togetherness. It is all about shooting the “feel-like” moments rather than stressing on the “look-like” moments. Here are some of the tips on how to capture the best shots even in the packed ambience:

1. Maintaining the Flexible Approach

To click the candid moments, the photographer needs to be ready all the time with the proper settings. It is all about being flexible. Getting adapted according to the environment must always top the characteristic feature of the photographers. To get the candids captured, the photographer needs to know the areas from where the best shots can be taken.

2. Carrying the Necessary Equipment

Every camera comes with the provision of adding a lens to it. Not all lenses are the best for the wedding photography. The best photographer knows exactly what all the necessary attachments or lens should be used to click the sharp moments. Whether the shot is to be triggered from a distance or the close-ups are going to be the “photo of the session”.

Well, some of the photographers use the Gorillapod that give them the convenience to click from different angles. These tripods make the job of the photographers easy by helping them to click some of the most decent photos of the various rituals.

3. Nailing Down the Moments

The moments once gone are gone forever. This is what the best wedding photographer in Kolkata keeps an account of to make the most of those moments. To get the candid shots it is important to decide the frame and the subject. While holding a subject as the focal point and the frame intact, trigger the shutter button. It is advised to be always ready for any of the moments.

Wedding Photography

Wedding Photography

4. Slay the Flash

Flash is never going to work when you plan to capture candids. Flash photography leads to the red eye and the uneven formation of the shadows on the face. Therefore, it is advised to click the candids with a larger aperture, and higher ISO. Undoubtedly, the combination is going to blend the background with the candid.

5. Discover Portraits with the WOW Factor

Wedding photography need not focus mainly only on the bride or the groom or the rituals. It must also focus on the other people. It is always advised to click snaps of the individual, or people with people from hip height to get the most adorable, remarkable candid snaps of the guests and family members.


A wedding photographer is never done. Any person can take a snap, but a professional photographer has the ability to visualise the frame before being taken. It is their creative outlook along with their photography skill that can even turn the simple moments into your biggest treasures of life.

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