How to Make Sure Your Photographer Captures The Perfect Wedding Flower Photos

Whether your wedding takes place in an old palace or if it’s a garden destination wedding, nothing can make a better timeless memento than the takeaway photographs. They are to remain forever reminding you the extraordinary day of your life. The best way to add up light to your wedding memento is including flowers. The pictures of flowers make it look fresh and more beautiful.

Here are a few tips for taking the perfect clicks of the wedding flowers on your big day:

Fresh Baby’s breath is an affordable option for wedding day flowers. This light, fresh and airy flower that is used as filler is a beautiful element for bouquets, centerpieces, aisle decor and more for your wedding day. Wondering where to buy baby’s breath? It’s here at Whole Blossoms.

1. You can use baby’s breath as centerpieces at the party or reception and display them in

jars or vases that co-ordinate the theme of your wedding. A vintage shot would be perfect.

Add the lighting of candles along the jars, and that will make the click of the spot just Awe!!

2. Let the bridesmaid carry the bouquets and make them stand in a single line. A side click of

the picture viewing all the flowers in line with the side view of the garden is another shot

that you can give a try. Try capturing the smiles of the bridesmaids too, and they will never

forget you for this shot.

3. For an exclusive decor shot, fill up a bird cage with fresh baby’s breath. Submerge few strands of the flower underwater with floating candles for a chic shot.

4. For the perfect before arrival shot of the bride, add the white bab”s breath wreath on the

church door. To make the picture more exquisite, open the doors of the church to a smaller

extent and then capture it in the camera. To make your task easier, just buy baby’s breath in bulk.

5. For a non-fussy walk of the bride, make sure you use the garlands of different colors of

baby’s breath for the wedding ceremony. You can capture the steps of the bride with the toss

of flowers on the ground. You can also try the back view of the wedding vows from the end

of the church.

6. Add the beautiful fresh baby’s breath to your hairdo or the braid. You can even put it around like a crown, and you are sure to feel like a princess. And for the shot, give a beautiful smile tilting your head sideways, and you are picture ready. Trust me, the shot will be as beautiful as your smile. You can also try a shy outward look tilting your face to the down a bit, your braid and the flowers will be the talk of the wedding.

Wondering where to buy baby’s breath? Well, Whole Blossoms is current running baby’s breath wholesale sale. Contact them at and grab the fresh baby’s breath before they run out of stock.

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