Choose The Right Wedding Photographer In Essex

Choosing your Essex wedding photographer can be daunting, some people now opt not to have one at all! Many brides I photograph now are worried about what exactly they are going to get photos of. In this blog I’ll quickly run through exactly what I will and won’t take photos of, just to set your mind at ease.

First up, the big worry for many brides: bridal prep! So many brides are worried about how their photos will come out. Will they be snapped without their make up on? Will the photos be unflattering? Will their wedding photographer stay in the room when they are getting changed? How intrusive is it? Do I have to have bridal prep photos?

For myself and anyone who ever works for David Dean Photographic, the aim is to make you as comfortable as possible. We’re only in the room when you say we can be, if you want us to step outside for a while that’s fine with me! We can go off and snap some photos of your guests arriving whilst we wait. A while back I was the photographer Brentwood wedding and the Bride was so nervous about the day to come I basically spent the morning fetching glasses of water and tissues! That’s fine with me. It’s your day, you need to comfortable. Yes, more than likely there will be photos of you without makeup, unless you request otherwise. It’s part of your day and who you are, and it’s up to you who you show the photos to as well. I’ve done hundreds of bridal prep shoots so I know how to make the photos as flattering as possible, so do not despair if you see me at a certain angle and are worried about how it will turn out! Bridal prep really isn’t intrusive at all, I do my best to stay out of the way and let the day just naturally unfold. From time to time I may take a step or two closer just to get a better shot, but I won’t be poking my lens in your face all morning.

Next up is the ceremony. Fortunately, being an Essex Wedding Photographer means that I get to shoot at some beautiful Essex venues. They vary in light and space, so style of photos will vary too. But generally, whether it is an outside or indoors wedding, I will be at the front and standing behind the registrar snapping away (well, as much as the registrar allows!). If you have a second photographer, they will be at the back or slyly moving along the sides, capturing the action from a different angle. If you have opted for a church it can really depend, but generally, I move about everywhere without disturbing the ceremony. Churches are often more relaxed about photos being taken and allow you to move around too, so I can get shots from lots of different angles, and if you have a second photographer, even better!

Next up is group shots and then couple shots. Most Wedding photographers Essex will tell you how lovely the grounds are for these photos. I tend to do the group shots first so your guests can go off and enjoy the day, then I’ll take the newlyweds of to do their photos. I try not to keep you for too long, but the longer the better! It means more photos and a more relaxed environment for you too. I’m very fortunate, as I’ve said before, to photograph couples in these grounds. Being an Essex Wedding photographer, particularly a Brentwood wedding photographer and Chelmsford wedding photographer, is such a privilege. The wedding venues and grounds across Essex are stunning, but Chelmsford and Brentwood wedding venues tend to have some of my favourite spots. I try to keep the photography pretty natural, not too much posing, I won’t tell you to say ‘cheese’ either.

The rest of the day is pretty straight forward. For me it’s all about reportage photography, natural moments and people enjoying your day. There may be the odd time if the light looks perfect where I ask if you want to go and grab a few more snaps, or in the evening when it’s dark I might come and grab you to take some off camera flash photos (my favourites of the day), but apart from that I just leave you alone to enjoy your day.

It’s always worth asking your wedding photographer how the day will go and often engagement shoots are a good idea because they give you an idea of how the photographer will work on the day and whether you are comfortable with them or not.

So if you need an Essex wedding photographer, get in touch with David Dean Photographic!

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