Capture All Your Engagement Memories With An Essex Wedding Photographer

Engagement Bursts are becoming increasingly popular with many couples who have recently signed up and are planning their big day. But for many people, they are still a bit mysterious. What are you? What is the purpose of? And I have to have one? These are just some of the questions I get when I meet couples to talk about wedding photography.

An appointment session for me is a great opportunity to meet the couple, relax with them and relax with them. This helps enormously on the big day, to be more relaxed and to feel better together. You spend a lot of time with your photographer, making sure you are happy and happy to be close! I like to take the couple to a place they love. As an Essex wedding photographer, most of the couples I work with are obviously in Essex. That’s great, because Essex has a lot to offer in terms of scenic locations for photo shoots. These shots can be where you want them to be, and it’s a good idea to choose a place that you like. I’ve shot engagement shoots at the beach in Southend, parks in Chelmsford, even the Gruffalo trail in Brentwood! I recently shot an engagement shoot in Brentwood in a forest which the couple like going to. It was a great, informal hour or so where I got to know the couple and got some lovely photos of them in an environment that they’re comfortable in. It could even be just relaxed shots of you both at home. Essex has some beautiful big manor houses and Tudor houses…and if you live in one of these I’d love to pop round for a shoot! Some couples opt to have their shots taken at their Essex wedding venue. This depends on the venue and their rules and whether they have a booking that day or not, but this is another potential option for couples.Some Essex Wedding Photographers will give you a few photos or ask you to buy the rest (so the package may include a photoshoot and you’re allowed 3 edited photos, but then you have to buy the rest), personally I don’t understand this…it seems like a bit of a rip-off. The photos are stored on my computer and you have already paid for the session, so I like to give you all the pictures I took  which is often much more than just 3 photos, So, what are you doing with your engagement shots? Well, whatever you want! Some couples use them for their wedding invitations or keep the dates, others may use them as part of their table decoration or on their table plan. Or some people like a good set of photos that are a bit different than the wedding photos. There are no big clothes and suits with a great place in the background, but good professional photos in a place they love.

No, of course you do not need them, but often they are a good idea for many couples. It’s understandable that not everyone in front of the camera is 100% comfortable. I know what that is, I was also on camera on my wedding day and as much as I like the photos we have, I’m not the mistress taking my picture. That’s why some participants book attendance sessions, give you an idea of how your photographer will work that day, and feel more comfortable on the camera. It is better to know what you can expect on this day, especially if you are particularly shy and are afraid to take a picture.

Here we go! In short, that’s what an Essex engagement session is all about and what to expect. So, if you want some nice engagement photos with your stunning Essex wedding photography, contact us.

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